Tee-DAZZLED!! Casual Friday Crazy…

Someday, when warmer weather finally arrives, I will be seriously tempted to drape my hopeless empty shell of a secretary’s  body in this little number for a casual Friday. Or, perhaps this might stir things up at the monthly Administrative Assistant’s Meeting!

(Apparently, my dosage of Fukitol is currently way too high…)

Seriously, though – this might just work on April Fools’ Day – you know, just show up at the office in my best Tuesday dress-pants with a denim blazer and snazzy pumps.  They might not notice at first, which would make it even cooler.  But then, after our own resident Church Ladies finally catch me with their profanity-radar (or with the lipstick cameras they’ve secretly hidden in the bathroom mirrors so they could learn the RIGHT way to apply lip liner) and chime in with the numerous ways in which a t-shirt like this is obscene and “INAPPROPRIATE to wear to ANY office, much less a social service agency where there are CHILDREN on campus! Plus, those pumps are way too high…”, my Director might be obliged to give me a polite yet firm firm talking-to.

And, how much would you wanna bet my Director wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face?  She might even ask me where I got it…

(Speaking of “got it”, click the pic or the link below to get your own; just be sure you’re not at work when you do!) 😉

Tee-off with a vengeance.

Tee-off with a vengeance.

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