Losing My Mind… To ASOTV Products

Happy Monday, followers! I will now occasionally be blogging over at Showcaine.com, which is a great new blog out of my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Check them out, check out their YouTube show and definitely read my post! (Excerpted below)

Because we're now too dumb for a Tamagotchi...

Because we’re now too dumb for a Tamagotchi…

Americans, we are not THAT stupid…

Do as nature intended, my friends, and make a conscious effort. Unlike some very popular government propaganda, this stuff you see on TV WILL actually kill your brain cells. LIFT a hand; RAISE it to toast a ban on the banishment of the American intellect. Just please don’t cave in to the convenience of plastic handles for those bottles…

via ASOTV Gadgets: Dumbing Down Americans 24/7.


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6 responses to “Losing My Mind… To ASOTV Products

  • El Guapo

    Ha! Great post!
    I’d have commented there, but I don;t use any of the sites it accepts for login, so I’m commenting here:

    This started long ago with Mall Walker sneakers, and the Salad Shooter.
    Hell, go even further back to PT Barnum, who said No one ever went broke underestimating the American people.


    • LVital7019

      No problem – I hate having a hundred different logins, etc.

      LOL I went to see the Broadway show, Barnum, with my dad as a young kid. That “Sucker Born Every Minute” song sticks in my mind…

      That Snuggie thing sent me over the edge. Just seemed like such a sad product – made to adorn lumps that live on the sofa.

      No offense to those who’ve purchased it for practical things like saving $$ on heat…


  • LVital7019

    PS – Thanks for commenting here. I will always post a link to there from here when posting. They do have some funny, quality stuff; good writers. 🙂


  • Tony Single

    Okay, definitely bookmarking that! And your article was spot on too. The idiocy runs rampant here too, I’m afraid. 😦


    • LVital7019

      I was looking for the fast food commercial that insinuates we’re all too stupid to prepare breakfast foods but I couldn’t find it to use here. That one kills me.


      • Tony Single

        I think it’s one reason why I try to watch all my favourite shows on DVD rather than commercial television now. The commercials are just that insulting to my intelligence. Yeesh.


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