Voicemail of the Week

It took the Administrative Assistant from HR no less than ONE-HUNDRED words to basically ask me if anybody in my office happened to be missing a Post-It with a phone number on it.  The Post-It accidentally became attached to a signed form which I interofficed back to them yesterday.

NEED... ...MORE..... POST-ITS!!!



It’s that type of message where you’re rolling your eyes so hard that should anyone enter in the middle of this, they’d probably think you were having a seizure and might just make the mistake of calling the paramedics.

At least that would make the day more interesting by allowing me the chance to ROLL with that opportunity!



About LVital7019

Just your normal, everyday 9-5er. An uninspiring position in an inspirational non-profit moves me to constant goof-offery; aimless, on-the-job procrastination; a crankiness that borders on psychosis; and attempting to craft something meaningful with words. Just another so-called-job inspiring someone to feats of insanity with a hint of creativity... (Insert demonic laugh HERE.) View all posts by LVital7019

10 responses to “Voicemail of the Week

  • El Guapo

    After the 10th word or so, I usually start to chafe, along with saying something like “please tell me you have a point before I put you out of both our miseries”.
    I bet it would save a lot of time and a trip downstairs if I said it directly to HR! 😉


    • LVital7019

      I used to work with an AVP who would borderline rudely cut you off with a wave of his hands while saying, “Bottom-line it for me!”. I imagined him as a progressively cranky & impatient old coot who’d eventually wind up moved to a “Managing” position after accidentally slapping a donor or during his “Bottom-line” spiel. LOL


  • Aussa Lorens

    Kill. This is Wanda to a T. If it takes 12 words to say something, she will use 120. And always starting with “Ms. Lorens,”


  • REDdog

    I start to zone out a bit around the 10-20 word mark and wind up blurting out something like “Am I supposed to be paying attention, ‘cos I have no idea what you just said.” Occasionally it works and they’re the ones doing the eye-rolling but sometimes it backfires and they start again…I hate that…
    btw, Hi. I found you via Tattoo Tourist, thought I’d have a poke around. See ya! REDdog


    • LVital7019

      Hi! And LOL’ing at your comment. I’m so glad you said where you found me – stats can be so mysterious sometimes. PS – All I could do is listen to the end of that message lest I miss some important tidbit and blindly click delete since by that time my head was on my desk on the verge of drooling into my elbow. 😛


  • LAMarcom

    Here is a related post on the idiocy of the workplace. This one in Afghanistan. Be annoyed at your leisure.

    “T-Back Thurs: Emails From Afghanistan: My Boss, aka: ‘That Guy I Wouldn’t Want Running An Elevator For Me”




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