The Comment Mafia

Recently I got a glorious shout-out from Lady Goo Goo GaGa regarding comments on her hilarious post, “Only as Skinny as Your Fattest Child“.  Her blog is always beyond funny and, even though I am neither a stay-at-home mom nor a housewife, I love it. So THERE. 🙂

It’s always so mystifying to me when folks who consciously sign up for and regularly read a **humor** blog on the perils of motherhood, or the perils of being an attractive woman, or why we should all poop glitter or any other subject for that matter, suddenly become all shocked-and-appalled when a blog author touches on a “delicate”, hot-button topic unreasonably vigilant when they erroneously perceive the innocent use of a common word as outright racism.

It begs the question: WHY in the sevenhells are you HERE if you lack a sense of humor!??

I mean, if you frequent ANY humor blog and notice a theme of ranting, sarcasm, random posts about nothing-in-particular which reflect writing that is unbridled and honest then, for the Love of BOB, don’t get all Church-Lady in the comments.

Seriously, crybabies…

You can take my word that you will only wind up looking kind of moronic sad to the blogger and to his/her thousands of followers.  Who will likely either ignore you or emphatically put you in your place, making you more despondent and in dire need of Kleenex and a handful of Xanax.

Take the below comment, for example (click to enlarge):

NOT for the humorless or overly sensitive, people!

NOT for the humorless or overly sensitive

TOTALLY hilarious humor blog that I, and many others, love for it’s unabashed kookiness. We can all relate, right? We’ve all been where she and many other bloggers have been, correct?  At the very least, we WISH we were…  So WHY in the name of all things FUNNY are you here?  Do you troll the internet for any mention of the word “Gypsy” just for a precious opportunity to link to your pathetic, woe-is-me piece on your own entitlement to suffering via “cruelty and prejudice”?

YES – there is prejudice in this world. YES – racism is real, but c’mon now… gypsy-bashing is really NOT as common as you wish to convince us it is.  There are people who have suffered way more than you have at the hands of actual racism and, from what I’m reading in your piece, YOU DIDN’T EVEN REALLY SUFFER!!

All that piece was about was your gross misinterpretation of an innocent cat’s name & a store’s theme for its sale. I suggest that you seek some therapy and take your over-sensitive, panic-attack-prone self to a world where nobody ever uses the word “Gypsy”.  Which is basically nowhere; so you might as well just stay home and cry into cyberspace.  And from what you wrote it was not surprising that the store manager had no problem telling you to feel free to shop somewhere else.

YES, people can be ignorant.  That doesn’t make them racist gypsy-bashers, or fat-shamers or horrible moms.

So if you’re not here for the enlightenment, the humor, the creativity and the uncensored views, which are my own on this blog, then please stop reading.

It’s as easy as that.

Because no matter WHAT comments you feel compelled to make I’m pretty sure NONE of us will stop writing what we write, the exact way we write it.

Why is it so COLD and SAD…?


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