What Goes Around… Becomes BACON!

It was an altogether GREAT weekend!

Here, you can read all about how I recently actually WON something! The adorably adventurous, chipmunk-loving Jules of GoJulesGo announced on her blog (and mine!) that I was the lucky winner of one delicious, gourmet, mashup-combo-of-mouthwateringly succulent Vosges Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Bar.

*Note – I will not be posting any reviews or pictures of my enjoyment of this item as I feel it would be unfair to Jules who is already suffering some separation anxiety. I thank you in advance for your understanding. …Besides, nobody likes a sore winner.  AmIRIGHT!?

I also got the opportunity to do some much-needed overtime.  You’re probably thinking “How in the sevenhells is a weekend where you work overtime so fantastic?”.  Because THIS:

The bane of my professional existence.

The bane of my professional existence.

Is now delightfully THIS:



The only thing left to say about that one is “Show me the 4.5 hours of time-and-a-half, BABY!”

In other glorious, gloat-inducing news I got confirmation through the (usual) grapevine that Jar Jar Bitch was planning to dump some (thankless) work on me.

Seriously, NOW you fucking decide to SHARE!!??

I had an inkling one day when she was “uncharacteristically” (ha ha!) complaining (hahahahaFUCKINGHA!) how much trouble all the insurance/legal stuff was. She insinuated that she didn’t want to do it anymore.  She didn’t “feel that it was right” for her to be handling all that stuff.



All I could think at that moment was ‘she better not be planning on dumping that shit on me!’

But of course, she was.

The office buzz is that she met with my boss (behind closed doors) and requested permission to give me the insurance & legal projects since she was on the verge of another nervous breakdown feeling a little overworked with all her overpaid-accountant-clerking.

Again, hahahahaFUCKINGHA!

She, who is so used to getting whatever-the-fuck she wants, was given a firm and resounding “No way”.  He literally told her NO WAY when she started her fucking whining protested!

If there ever was an occasion here where I wished to be a fly on the wall, THAT would have been IT.  Just to see the look on her face when he said that!  Holy cow… 😀

So it appears that her glorious reign of getting away with murder will soon be over. She might decide to quit or bid out to another department, but she may as well quit because WHO would hire her psychotic ass!?  Every director on campus knows the deal; especially after her whole sink-the-Administrative-Manager campaign.

So I now have a clean desk, a nice amount of overtime, peace of mind when I get to my office, a super-delicious prize (sorry, Jules!) and being a witness to JJB’s next and probably final psychotic break to look forward to.

Next on my list of bacon-y things to try...

Next on my list of bacon-y things to try…

I say this is definitely a sign that things are starting to look up. And confirmation in the form of bacon-chocolate rewards is always welcome!  (Again, sorry Jules!)


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