The Moment I Realized That Moving “UP” REALLY MEANS Stepping Down…Into a Pail of Llama Poo

I recently sent in a Posting Response form for an open position.  Realistically, I never expected it to come with more money BUT disturbingly, this “Coordinator” position comes complete with a “salary-adjustment”.  Also quite trauma inducing is the depressingly low current salary – I have the enviable ability to check budget lists up in here and it is slightly less per year than my own. 

The gentleman who is leaving this spot for a foreman position had to step down a couple years ago from an instructional title since the SED changed the degree requirement.  I mean, who can afford a Masters’ these days? On LESS than what I make??

The job is for a Resident Inventory & Supply Coordinator.  The position description reads like a dream… *sigh*

– Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 lbs?  – That’s fine!
– Purchase & distribute residents’ seasonal clothing? – YOU BET!
– Fulfill weekly supply reqs for residents’ needs? – YES, PLEASE!

I could potentially play cute & dumb on the interview but it’s not certain how far that will get me with a female Director.  Plus all I keep hearing is that Facilities (the overseeing department) is the lowest rung on the ladder here so even a Coordinator title doesn’t get you what a Secretary here makes entry-level.  In this agency they utilize a calculation whereby the open position’s starting salary is computed against your current salary to meet somewhere (shockingly) on the frustratingly low-ball end of “in-the-middle”.

You’d think that people who clean poop & vomit, broken glass smeared with blood, fix everything and wash-dry-fold various bio-hazard grade underthings & sheets in a children’s facility would get better pay.  Maybe if I offer to fill-in for laundry or housekeeper whenever they need it, my salary will only be adjusted 2 grand per year lower…  :/

I really do NOT have the stamina (or the demeanor) for a second job…


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