And My Criminal Record Remains SPOTLESS!

The proof that I’ve kinda, sorta had it with this place is that I’m now entering subversive text into my Administrative Assistant Procedure Manual.  

I’ve been reading Michelle’s (author of said subversiveness) Rubber Shoes in Hell blog for a while now and her posts are either completely high-FUCKING-larious or totally relatable.  Sometimes both…

This ENTIRE week has been 100 Shades of Blinking Lights in Moron-HELL since I walked through the door on Monday.  Maybe it’s karma coming back to bite me for not telling my bosses – while one was on vacation and the other was about to take a 3-day medical-leave weekend for her husband – that I “bid out” to another department on campus.

I think “bid out” sounds so great to me because it contains “OUT”…

It could also be karma telling me the job is indeed mine, by confirming for me every single soul-stabbing reason why I’ve oft considered jumping out of my 2nd-floor office window and scurrying the FUCK away while clacking 2 staplers in my hands like castanets.  I’d really like to picture how it would feel to finally tell them “Sayonara, Suckers!”, but that’s probably bad karma and I don’t wanna risk jinxing it.

Thanks to Michelle, my bitchy load feels much lighter.  I think she gets me and all my Angsty-McSnotrag raging about a job I kinda sorta hate (keeping with the good karma…).  For instance –

She’s with me on stupid people:
She has super-fun suggestions for things to do at work:
Today’s post – “How to Survive Office Meetings” – got me all inspired n’ shit:

My office pretty much owes their miserable lives to Michelle from Rubber Shoes in Hell.   I’m really feeling way less stabby today.

Hopefully, life here will feel even better when I finally find out if I got that other job… 🙂

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