Where is “NEXT”!?

The Master-at-Work, ca. 2009, NYC

The Master-at-Work, ca. 2009, NYC

There is currently a small problem in need of some input from the peanut-gallery.  The back-story: I took 2 days off next week.  Thursday – ’cause it’s my *birthday*.  Friday for the liberty to not only enjoy a 4-day weekend away from the hell I work in, but so my husband won’t worry about my getting home in enough time to go with him to a wedding that he is deejaying.

Going to a stranger’s wedding for your birthday might sound lame, but they gave me the sympathy-invite because hubby is working – on my *B-day*.  Dancing, buffet, free wine or beer and getting to watch skanks I don’t know face-plant and crack their Louboutins for a bouquet? I am ALL in.

Last night I was shocked to find out that this wedding isn’t until NEXT October.  How in sevenhells did I mistake NEXT WEEK for October, 2015?  Perhaps we should go back to around 10 months ago, when my husband may or may not have said “Next October, I’m deejaying a wedding for ‘Rita & Chris’.  It’s the same day as your birthday”.

So, am I the dodo who is having a “blonde moment” or is my husband inept in the foretelling of things via his use/misuse of the word “next”?  Shouldn’t he have inserted the numeric year in addition to or, better yet, in place of using the words “next October” being that it was so, sooo far in advance of THIS October?  Or, am I just a goober who is strangely confounded?

This has happened with us before.  For instance, on a Sunday he’ll say “Next Sunday my dad is coming over”; then Friday comes and I ask what he wants me to get at the supermarket to make them for Sunday lunch.  Then he’ll say he never said THIS Sunday – he said NEXT Sunday!  Which, technically he did say “next Sunday”.  BUT – does anyone else besides me see the problem here?  Shouldn’t he have said “the week after next…?” OR maybe he could’ve just said the date or pointed at the flippin’-flappin’ calendar.

Maybe I am that much of a doofus.  Perhaps my comprehension isn’t where it should be.  Or maybe it’s my memory…? Maybe the meaning of the word “next” when used to convey some future event confuses me when there’s an additional something between this ‘something’ and next ‘something’…?

My understanding of “next” = the closest subsequent whatever-the-heck he’s talking about.  I do use reason, of course.  Like, he couldn’t tell me “we’re going to Atlanta next Christmas” tomorrow without my clearly understanding that 1) NO we are absolutely NOT and 2) this obviously means Christmas 2015 and, again – no, we are NOT.

My family & friends seem to all use & interpret “next” the same way.  I’ve never had a problem there.  Maybe hubby’s the one who’s got it right… ?  Could I be the fly in the intelligence-ointment…!? Omigod – I REALLY CAN’T SAY!

Realistically though – women, as we all know, are pretty much always right so I’m happy to take one for the team and admit I’m wrong.  I’ll even wear the dodo-badge. IF I’m wrong, that is.

In his defense, hubby claims to have actually said “Next YEAR” while I insist (silently, in my mind) the words spoken were “Next October” though he may indeed have meant ‘next year’…  And confused me (as USUAL).

But seriously.   It’s not like I didn’t give him clues to my “misunderstanding” – when he was concerned why Rita wasn’t getting back to him about a resume he’d sent her to help a friend, I did pipe in and say perhaps she’s off as she must be very busy. (“Preparing for the wedding” was unspoken yet clearly inferred.)   And, I did look at our current calendar and “correct” his (once again!) mistaking the date of my birthday by saying that it wasn’t on Friday but on Thursday.  I also told him that I took off on Friday next week. (“For the wedding” was again unspoken yet very clearly inferred).

On that note, I’ll rest my case and leave you to review. Have at it, folks! (And have a great weekend!)

Now, THIS is completely confusing...

Now, THIS is completely confusing…


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