Throwback: Finding Humor in Hell

So I’m a tad late for TBT. Sue me – it’s been a tough week:

As many of you already know, I lost my dad in 2005. It was a terribly sudden and tragic loss and I’m pretty sure I went slightly out of my mind. Dad and I were CLOSE. Really, really close

There were many sleepless nights, crying and some hysterics courtesy of yours truly. It wasn’t really my fault – when I caught sight of my cousin Eric, whom I hadn’t seen in ages, in my Godmother’s house where we were all graciously welcomed, I nearly lost my shit. He looked almost exactly like Dad when he had his full beard.

I doubled over, much to the disturbance of everyone in the room, and covered my face. What a sight I was. It was next to impossible for me to wrap my head around the idea of Dad being gone forever while his doppelgänger nephew stood right in front of me.

“Oh my GOD! You look exactly like him! ” I exclaimed through my tears.

He thoughtfully offered to shave his beard. It took a few minutes for me to collect myself and give him a long-anticipated hug. T’was NOT easy.

We stayed at my Godmother’s house for over a week to coordinate the funeral and the settling of all my father’s affairs. It took quite a toll on all of us. My Godmother, Luz (my dad’s first cousin), and her husband were patient, loving and generous and I will never, ever forget them for that.

What I will also never be able to forget is the night Luz finally cracked. That woman lost her mind so hard it was entirely reasonable to surmise that we should be hiding the china; and maybe any babies in the immediate vicinity.

Luz has been a churchgoing Catholic woman all her life. Needless to say it was definitely NOT the Power of Christ which compelled her to BREAK on her elderly aunt. I still feel guilty for finding that 10-minute tirade hilarious, but let’s just chalk that up to the high level of stress and a desperate need for release.

Luz had been caring for her aunt for a while. She was also working full-time and had her mother to care for as well. It was more than a full-time job and no easy feat; especially when you consider that Elderly Aunt requested an escort to the bathroom every single time she had to go.

When my Aunt E politely offered to help the poor, paranoid old lady, Luz put her foot down and almost needed all of us to keep her from shoving it down Elderly Aunt’s “throat” (technically up someplace else entirely, but I’m being polite). Luz was insistent the old woman walk herself since she technically could and was just using our generosity because she was fearful.  And because we were newbies that had no idea what her rehab recommendations were.

I heard things come out of my Godmother’s mouth that I never, ever thought she’d say. There was more than a fair amount of profanity and multiple references to female anatomy and the multitudinous reasons why it may or may not have been bald and/or sparingly used throughout her lifetime. There may have also been a comment or two about why the woman’s husband passed away – specifically because of the aforementioned stinginess with the aforementioned female anatomy.

I’m not sure that anyone else outside of myself and my family would find that even remotely funny but we sure did. Eric and I were laughing so uncontrollably that his mother and father ushered us straight out the door while texting us a list for Target. The floodgates had busted wide open so it really was best if we left to spare that poor old woman’s dignity.

We went straight to the mall, pretty much in hysterics the entire drive. Then, we found (of all flippin’ things) a photo booth. And this happened:

We are unapologetic goofballs.

We are unapologetic goofballs. I am also unapologetic about making use of artistic filters to diminish the appearance of puffy, red eyes.

Things were just so crazy bananas it required a memento. Eric was so nice that he let me keep all 3 strips.

I hope the elderly aunt, who passed away that year, knows the part she played in saving my sanity and lightening the load for the lot of us that day. We acknowledge this sacrifice and remain ever thankful for it.

I will also offer up my eternal apologies for continuing to find humor at your expense but you gotta admit – when polite-and-proper Catholic nurse completely steps off the curb and skirts the ghetto, hilarity tends to ensue.

This is my favorite shot (below) but they all remind me of how low I was and how much we all need family to lift us up in our darkest moments. Thanks. I love you all. 🙂

I'm sure Eric will appreciate the skull.

I’m sure Eric will appreciate the skull.

**Calling all fans of alterna-punk and/or all things Misfits related, you can click here for Eric’s band’s website. He’s kinda famous and Los Meesfits on stage is like nothing you’ve seen! Find them on Facebook and YouTube. \m/


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