TBT: Freeta and Those Hypnotic, Jade-Green EYES…

The many, many faces of Ms. Freeta.

The many, many faces of Ms. Freeta. Click to enlarge.

I really miss this face. How could I not? Not your average, everyday, skittish feline; she always sought out human company and was always ready for a photo-op.

Take the featured image – she insisted on joining me every morning for breakfast; not at my feet awaiting the crumbs to fall, but sitting at my side.

On a bar-stool.  At my breakfast table.

Every morning she jumped up from her bed when I came downstairs.  She’d run behind me into the kitchen; anxiously waiting for me to fix my bowl of cereal.  It never failed – each and every time I sat down on that bar stool she would stand on her hindquarters and tap my thigh. Trust me – it wasn’t the Cheerios she was after.  I’d hoist her fluffy butt up on the stool next to mine and she would be happy just to sit there.  Cheerios or no Cheerios. She just liked to stare at me with those eyes…

My Fat-Cat; my little Buddha-Belly; Warrior Queen Buddha-CAT! My HeffaLUMP.

Accent pics from top left down:
  • “What? Can’t I just watch Dinosaurs with the kid in peace!”
  • Superbowl Sunday 2011: Jumps up on husband. Sits facing him to knead the belly. Gets up. Turns 4 circles to the right. Turns 5 circles to the left. Then another set of circles; plops down, rolls over, and: HAMMOCK!
  • Thank you for the box, Mommy! Wait, is there catnip in that thing you’re holding? Gimme catnip!
  • “FREETA! What did you do with an entire bag of marshmallows! For Cripe’s sake – there’s a bite taken out of EACH ONE!”  –  Huh? I do nothing wrong…!
  • Yeah, I see the way you look at it. Rub my belly – you know you want to…
  • I don’t care if it’s a tick-infested wood-pile.  It’s an island in the sun and it’s MINE!!
  • I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions. I want to have them answered IMMEDIATELY!

Of course, the below photo would have been even more beautiful had she NOT been a typical cat. I still love it.  🙂

A potentially beautiful shot, RUINED by that feline penchant for doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what we want them to do!

A potentially beautiful shot, RUINED by that feline penchant for doing the exact OPPOSITE of what’s expected of them! A split second before I clicked the shutter-button she was looking right up at me with those beautiful, sunlit eyes.


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