This is NOT a Christmas Post!

This is my Spirit Animal. I'm serious!

This is my Spirit Animal.

So, it looks like everyone is doing a Christmas post.  All cheerful and merry and wishful and whatever-the-fuck else this season does to people to make them all altruistic and whatnot.  I haven’t exactly bought a ticket for that train.


Ok, so I may have shared a few things on Twitter like this Heifer International gift….

I’m usually kinda Scrooge-y, in case you haven’t guessed.  From the day after Thanksgiving onto well-beyond New Year’s Eve (thank you for that, marketing execs. Really – nothing I like better than having to see Christmas schlock all the way though February!) I embrace everything that is Grumpy Cat.

You would think people should know me by now. How much Christmas drivel can a person like me really stand?  Not much if you’ve been following me on Twitter:


It's like we're TWINS!

It’s like we’re TWINS!

So even though I’m normally all rolling-my-eyes-and-sticking-my-tongue-out acting like Grumpy Cat and I were somehow separated at birth, deep inside there is a part of me that wishes I could be more like these posts. Seriously I do.

But I’m me, and “me” tends to be the one who protests putting a tree up every, stinkin’ year and doesn’t want to bother with the lights and other red, green and gold embellishments which may or may not include a plethora of fancy Santas and silk-clad angels (thanks, Dad).


It’s not that Christmas is a bad thing.  I mean, what could be bad about the joy of cooking rice and beans for (half) an army of friends & family who make you laugh all the time (and who always, always rave about your rice & beans)? Or seeing someone’s face alight with a genuine smile – not the placating mask of trepidation Edita usually wears – when opening the perfect gift you decided to bestow?  And what could possibly be bad about finding out that people really do get you?  Because how could your Secret Santa not get you when your bag contained a bottle of German Riesling and a box of your favorite chocolate truffles from Adam’s Sweet Shop in Newburgh?? (Seriously – WOW, Secret-Santa; just wow…)

Not to mention my buddy M and the sweet, little bluebird earrings she gave me – quite a bonus.  Ok, are my eyes getting warm?  WTF!?  :/

Like every, single year I relent because it starts to feel like my Scrooge-y Grinchiness is somehow taking away from my husband’s and son’s holiday joy. Though I’m sure my husband could care less if I never put my ornaments on the tree. There are more than enough between us to decorate the giant evergreen in my neighbor’s yard (and his bushes, and maybe his deck; and ours!) and we’re now on the verge of inheriting even more stuff from my mother’s recent acquisitions out of her divorce settlement.

Ultimately, this happens:

Well, I didn't actually HANG the lights. It's more a "spirit" thing...

Well, I didn’t actually HANG the lights. It’s more a “spirit” thing…

And I think I might be approaching “Ok with the Holidays”.  I mean, that’s kind of a smile going on right there, right?

It isn’t like there’s nothing around here to smile about – I’ve made many new blog-friends this year; all genuine great finds in more than one way.  You’re all a bunch of talented, sincerely nice people and it’s so great to have stumbled upon all of you.

I hope you all have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate, and that you find many shiny, new, joyous things under your tree; or your Hanukkah bush; or under you pillow. Hey, nobody’s here to judge how you Holly-Jolly-roll!  Happy Birthday!


(Ugh. I think I might have thrown up in my mouth a little bit… 😛 )


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