Apparently there is some “stray HTML” running around here causing my sidebar to go all kinds’a flip-mode. I’m suffering from a form of “sunken sidebar” and now my world feels more upside-downy than usual.

What’s next – My boss starts listening to hip-hop?  My ex-husband suddenly STOPS thinking I’m a sneaky c-word!?  Gah!

Per the advice in WordPress’s Help section I have looked at my last 3 recent posts to try to find this stray bit of fucking-up-my-cool.  Supposedly, I’m to look for something using the text editor that “jumps right out”, waves at me and, voila! just delete it!(?) Since I do not sprechen ze html-technobabblen all I see are evil, silent, little code-crickets chirping.  And apparently spitting in my eye & laughing behind my back…  Fuckers.

This is making me stabby and I need help.  If anyone here is an enlightened HTML-Guru with a good eye for what-the-FUCK-HAPPENED? please hit me up. Before my blog starts looking like this:

Hola. No hablo codigo html, pendejo!

Hola. No hablo codigo html, pendejo!

**Update 1/9/2015:  I FOUND IT!  All is well in the den of snark and fucktardery. Huzzah!  😀

PS – THIS bitchfest happens to be my 100th post!

It just HAD to be THIS one, didn't it. :/

It just HAD to be THIS one, didn’t it. :/


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Just your normal, everyday 9-5er. An uninspiring position in an inspirational non-profit moves me to constant goof-offery; aimless, on-the-job procrastination; a crankiness that borders on psychosis; and attempting to craft something meaningful with words. Just another so-called-job inspiring someone to feats of insanity with a hint of creativity... (Insert demonic laugh HERE.) View all posts by LVital7019

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