Ink, Friends, Frenemies and the Dreaded Sheeple

Last weekend was a BLAST.  My friend M and I got matching tattoos at Big Joe and Sons in Mohegan Lake NY.  M is a tattoo-crazy lady and will get a few at one time; just like she did on Saturday.  I’m more the few-and-far-between type mainly because of financial issues.  Saturday was M’s idea of a birthday present for me since I’ve been wanting to get another tatt for a while now.

She is super-awesome.

Hers is almost the same - just the feather.

Hers is almost the same – just the feather.

We each got a peacock feather to symbolize our resilient friendship in this place of poison.

Here is a pic of my tattoo.  I added the 3 lines from that Eugenio Montejo poem my Dad pinned to his bulletin board.

You are probably starting to wonder “Where is the FUCK YOU! in all this? We are spoiled and NEED OUR SNARK!!”.

Well, a week before our appointment M spoke to her boss, who she considers friend enough to confide in him.  She told him about our plans.

Now I’m not saying don’t be friends with your boss, just that you should tread very carefully.  Because, he in turn considered her friend enough to be comfortable voicing his concerns:

“If you do that, you might not be able to get promoted here.”

Wow. Way to look down your nose at your subordinate.  Like. A. BOSS!  -Meaning just like the rest of the corporate, stuffed-shirt sheeple that harshly and ignorantly judge an art form that’s been in practice for thousands of years.

WHY do we allow egregiously archaic prejudices to be installed in employee handbooks all over the country (and most likely the WORLD)??   Why is it completely legal to tell “Tattooed-Barry” that he has to wear long sleeves & trousers in the sweltering summer to cover that US Navy anchor and the wraparound Japanese dragon while everyone else gets to wear whatever sleeve- and pant-length is appropriate for 99.9º weather? Bitch, I am NOT wearing long-sleeves all year round while skanks with fat, hairy, oatmeal arms get to walk around in tank-tops and inappropriate lipstick colors!

Tattooed people are still looked upon as freaks; dirty, diseased criminals; as drugged-out & crazy. It is because of this stigma that tattoos are deemed “unprofessional” and “inappropriate” to display in the workplace. Of course, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and let me know what OTHER reasons they cite for banning them.  I still say fuck that. Except where common sense should prevail; like the teacher with the nekkid, full-frontal sex goddess on his forearm.  Definitely cover that up, dude.  Leave the porn for the art museum field-trip…

Since M and I work in a children’s agency/school the argument is made that visible tattoos could negatively influence the population we serve.  So kids shouldn’t be exposed to persons with ink? Kids shouldn’t learn how to be tolerant of people with varied tastes??  How to be polite and NOT STARE with a poopy-face!?? Again, fuck that to the 12th power.

This makes me crazy… As crazy as I feel when those closest to me do the dreaded flip-flop from being all like, “Well, it’s your body  bla bla whatever you want”, to “I HOPE you aren’t planning on getting too many more tattoos!” Because he doesn’t see the point anymore at “my age”. Yep. He did!

So to all of those that feel it is their duty to keep things “professional” and “age-appropriate” I give you the EXACT same meme that got my lovely friend M 100% on-board with not letting people dictate what she should be doing with herself.  Not that I was telling her what she should do with herself…  Oh, wait!

Sometimes it pays to use Facebook...

Sometimes it pays to use Facebook…


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