9 responses to “Dear Mr. Ombudsman…

  • barbaramullenix

    Wowie-wow-wow! I know EXACTLY how you feel. We went through all that crap before we just quit paying our mortgage at all. BECAUSE of that exactly – that attitude of cashing checks they SWORE they wouldn’t. I actually had one “account manager” very primly tell me that she didn’t have to listen to me abuse her & then hung up on me. I was certainly angry, but I didn’t even curse a little bit! Velvet glove abuse? I told you about all this on an earlier blog (my rant) from you, so I won’t go into it again. My advise is alcohol or prescription drugs. Otherwise you will actually see steam coming out of your ears and the top of your head exploding. I’m still finding small pieces of mine from 3 years ago!!!

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    • LVital7019

      Guess what – it’s their JOB to listen to us. How do they NOT get that people get emotional after months of bullshit & constant pestering by “Account Managers”!?

      My husband’s been feeding me peach brandy at night to soothe the savage bitch. That guy last night was lucky hubby wasn’t home yet. SO, SOOOooo lucky! 😉

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  • barbaramullenix

    My husband is a “fuck you” kind of guy, so I try to handle any phone problem telephone calls. Thank the good Lord that shit is over and done with – despite losing the house, (had a good cry after that – 42 years in the same place) the weight was finally off my shoulders. We wound up moving into a place for much less money (rent) with just a little less space! And it’s not my problem when something goes wrong any more! So. Silver lining after all. Try some Bailey’s – also goes down smooooth.

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  • Tony Single

    Holy mother of Cthulhu’s ever-lovin’ McDonald’s McFucknuggets! Yes, you were SO unreasonable being upset and all. And how DARE you try to get a fair deal for yourself? How could you be so inconsiderate as to not simply roll over and let them SCREW you guys ten ways from Sunday? My God, Lorien, why are you being so UNREASONABLE?!

    (Honestly, these aren’t human beings you’re dealing with. I swear, they’re some alien life form that clearly don’t comprehend human suffering or emotion. Gah.)

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  • El Guapo

    Give em hell!
    Hope they sort it in your favor soon.

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