We May Have lost a Director…

Lately M is saying stuff like, “I’m-o KILL that MOTHER%@#&*!”.

This year she’s been terribly vexed with single-handedly coordinating every aspect of a major conference sponsored by our agency.  People come from all over the world.  They need hotels; they want a shuttle to and from; they don’t speak English(!); some want on-campus apartments; some want foofoo hotels.  They need M to wipe their noses, make their copies, call them cabs and powder their asses.  All almost-300 of them…

She is bitchier than I normally am (which seems impossible) and may have already killed someone…

Because of last-minute changes to a mile-long “Presenters List” at the annoying behest of her boss and our Special Events Department (who should be handling this shit with M’s help BTW), she is on the verge of going postal and rage-quitting with her bouquet of middle fingers held high…  And a bag of used guinea-pig litter on her back to take to the hotels to “decorate” rooms with an interesting “ambrosia”…

We texted for a few last night after I got home.  I haven’t actually seen her boss all day today, though she keeps pretending that he’s “calling her”.  She’s probably saying that so she can get off the phone with me and hide all the evidence…

Thanks, M. You know you can never really delete this shit...

Thanks, M. You know you can never really delete this shit…


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