Because it’s 4/20…(2015 PAD Days 7, 8, 14 & 15)

…it’s good a day as any to do some catching up.

For utterly selfish reasons, I did 4 poems to catch up today on the Poetic Asides PAD 2015 Challenge.  It’s selfish because it was my “fix” (ha ha – get it? It’s “4/20”! You get a fix!  And YOU GET A FIX!!  AND YOU GET A FIX!!!).  It’s also selfish and kind of fucked up because I did it all at work.  And maybe it’s also just useful because it keeps me from thinking about how seriously low I’m running on fucks to give about anything at work…

Enjoy your “fix”.  I sure as fuck did!

PAD Day 7 – Love or Anti-Love poem


What is the big, flipping deal?
This is not real
Is a state of mind reality?
Can there be joy in duality?
Everyone wears a mask
Until they’re taken to task
Opening their flask and pouring it all out
Then they shout

“IT” from the rooftops
“IT” in the middle of the street
“IT” isn’t everything
“IT” cannot defeat

The frailty of heart and cloudy of mind
Then it grieves you
Deceives you
And leaves you far, far behind

PAD Day 8 – Dare/Daring poem


He said I’d never cut class
I was too goody-two-shoes
Too much of a square and a bookworm
But there we were in the fallout shelter
Eating our buck-and-a-half lunch
We’re chillin’ on the first floor;
Or was it the second?
He’s holding my Swiss army knife
Takes out the scissor
And cuts lines in my hair

And he didn’t even have to ask
It was never a dare

PAD Day 14 – Honest or Dishonest


To be “completely”
Or bury down
Those little white ones
Ever so tight ones
Pile up all the way to drown

They smack of bitter
They’re melodically sweet
They’re sometimes injurious
A cause for the curious
A way for the thief to retreat

To utter the whole
Or bury half
Can make reputations
And cause for elation
Concurrently giving the shaft

PAD Day 15 – Adjective-title poem


I am currently in a state of up-to-here.
It’s not explosive; not queer
And there’s nothing to fear…
I am

*For more PAD fun, click for: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 13 . Sorry they’re a tad out of order.

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