The First Floor Apartment on 84th by Lorien Vidal

So… there is MUCH to report. But I will start with THIS.

Great people who even let me co-edit and technical-assist! Check out the rest of the online litmag, too. They accept submissions twice a year – springtime and fall.

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The Greenwich Village Literary Review

I lived where you live
I spit right where you eat
Right where you’re sitting
Under the soles of your feet

Did I leave an echo
A residual murmur
A spectral shift
Of what I once was…

Is there a whisper in the night
Of desperation I felt
From the time that he was
And I shed all my rights

All of my goods
Like a molting of all that was pure
When he lured me out into dead of night
I shed my innocence

Where you find your keys
Where he knocked on my window
Where panicked pre-dawn 911-calls
Fell on unexpectedly hesitant ears

And they sent no one
They sent me no one
Until after I vandalized this room with screams
And thereafter it was filled with sorrow

Is there resonance of my guilt there?
Is the ghost of my father still where I left him?
Does he…

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