Sharing is Preparing… or, Disrepairing?

I was supposed to go into a meeting twenty minutes ago that may or may not decide my fate.  Things are kinda tense here, in that whole “IDGAF so therefore I’m here but really not here“+”Meh”+”Lemme light this match & walk out” way.  I plan on giving you all a thorough elaboration in the near future.

That being said, I’m sharing something that I wrote around 4 years ago about a gem of an Executive Assistant who behaves like the junior high hall monitor complete with the wimpy boyfriend on a leash and a swollen authority complex on speed.  This is the same idjit who, during a recent mandated harassment training, actually asked the instructor,

“If I find so-and-so’s pants to be offensive, that’s harassing me, right?” 

Ok, so they were leggings but still – you are a moron.  They might be assaulting your eyes with their stretchified tendency to hug every curve, nook, cranny, cottage-cheese bump and thong-outline but sweetie, that is not harassment to your person.  Get a grip.  Quit staring.

*I folded this into a tidy, little package and tucked it gently into the campus suggestion-box… AND, the Executive Director READ IT OUT-LOUD TO A HALL FULL OF STAFF at one of his Coffee-Chats while we were still all high on that Sanctuary bull-crap!  Care to venture a guess on who got a nice reprimand along with a ban from hanging out at the campus dining-hall?

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