“Straight Dope” or How to NOT Party Like a “Block Star”

Thanks to my good friends Mary and Jane over at Mendo-licious this is where you’ll find today’s post.  They share my funny story (would you expect anything LESS??) and even a delicious recipe (sorry, not for the under-21 set).

*A word to the wise – depending on what kind of hypocritical stuffed shirts you work for you may want to save clicking over to my favorite brand-new site for the subway ride home.

Or home, if home is herb-friendly… unlike mine. :/

Edited 8/1 – How could I forget!? Please check out the Kickstarter campaign for their gorgeous cookbook. Oh, and give ‘cuz these gals rule! 😀

Those birds in my bathroom window? #highasfuck

The birds in my bathroom window? #highasfuck right now


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