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Banish – a pic-poem

Banish scrap


Weightless and empty
Effervescent with buoyant relief
A foal’s weight in burden beyond belief Continue reading

The First Floor Apartment on 84th by Lorien Vidal

So… there is MUCH to report. But I will start with THIS.

Great people who even let me co-edit and technical-assist! Check out the rest of the online litmag, too. They accept submissions twice a year – springtime and fall.

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The Greenwich Village Literary Review

I lived where you live
I spit right where you eat
Right where you’re sitting
Under the soles of your feet

Did I leave an echo
A residual murmur
A spectral shift
Of what I once was…

Is there a whisper in the night
Of desperation I felt
From the time that he was
And I shed all my rights

All of my goods
Like a molting of all that was pure
When he lured me out into dead of night
I shed my innocence

Where you find your keys
Where he knocked on my window
Where panicked pre-dawn 911-calls
Fell on unexpectedly hesitant ears

And they sent no one
They sent me no one
Until after I vandalized this room with screams
And thereafter it was filled with sorrow

Is there resonance of my guilt there?
Is the ghost of my father still where I left him?
Does he…

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little brown girls DONE WRONG

Crack whores. No – crack-holes; and whack-holes make black holes. In a rhythmic pretty-is-as-pretty does business. Continue reading

PAD Day 26 – Pick a Shakespeare-Coined Word

You’ll notice I’ve been slacking on my April PAD-Challenge posts. Ok, so I’m not slacking off on just posting for this challenge; I’m completely slacking on completing it.  At least I’ve done several poems this month.  Which is definitely more than I’d have done without said challenge… Continue reading

Because it’s 4/20…(2015 PAD Days 7, 8, 14 & 15)

…it’s good a day as any to do some catching up.

For utterly selfish reasons, I did 4 poems to catch up today on the Poetic Asides PAD 2015 Challenge.  It’s selfish because it was my “fix” (ha ha – get it? It’s “4/20”! You get a fix!  And YOU GET A FIX!!  AND YOU GET A FIX!!!).  It’s also selfish and kind of fucked up because I did it all at work.  And maybe it’s also just useful because it keeps me from thinking about how seriously low I’m running on fucks to give about anything at work…

Enjoy your “fix”.  I sure as fuck did! Continue reading

PAD Day 6 – “Things-not-as-they-appear” poem

You might think I’m on a roll and you’d be right.  Day 6’s prompt was to write a not-as-it-seems poem; which was super-fun!  I hope to keep up this momentum… Continue reading

PAD Day 13 – “Confession”

So it appears I’m skipping.  If you were hoping to see consecutive posts starting on Day 1 and ending on Day 30, good luck with that.  I spend my days breaking a shit-ton of rules so why would I start following them now?  I will freely admit to being a tad lazy.  And commitment-phobic; so…  😛 Continue reading

PAD Day 5 – “Vegetable”

Doing my best to catch up, here’s another one for Day 5’s challenge.  Feel free to share yours in the comments, if you like.  Links are always welcome! 🙂 Continue reading

PAD Day 4 – Departure Poem

I am lagging WAYYYyyyyy behind on this, peeps.  It hasn’t been a super-fun few weeks; or months; or years depending how long or how well you know me…  More on that at a later date.  Continue reading

PAD Day 3 – Machine

The topic of today’s challenge is “machine”.  Although you might think you know my mind’s interpretation, I assure you – that’s not it!  😉 Continue reading

PAD Day 2 – Secret, “In the Background”

Day 2 challenge – Secret.  I am a day behind but this one is short & sweet; like its author. 😉


It sits there, silent
Peppering many conflicts
Until it bursts out loudly

PAD Day 1 – Resistance

So we’re OFF!  Sprinting towards a goal of creativity, camaraderie and blessed structure with fellow poets of all shapes, sizes and colors (oh, you just KNOW you’re all colorful!).  Continue reading

Commuter Fumes

A blinding fog of thick melancholy surrounds

Frozen talons of the tall forest looming
Leaning in and over to claw and clutch
This mechanical trap that rides the tar ribbon Continue reading

Three Stops

Love the rain in the city
Calms the shock and rinses away grimaces
And washes away… Continue reading

A child shattered, Life beyond..

Just because you don't see the struggle, doesn't mean someone isn't drowning.. Pain of the mind is worse than pain of the body.

The Greenwich Village Literary Review

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The Winter Bites My Bones

The Collected Poems of Dennis McHale: 1981-2016