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Will this be:

  • An open letter of apology to my boss?
  • A modestly self-deprecating assessment of my id?
  • A mea-culpa to the world at large that I’ve anonymously and not-so-anonymously verbally abused?

This is NONE of those things. Continue reading


TBT: Freeta the Bubble-Walker

In case you haven’t been following my antics on Twitter, you’ll notice my recent obsession with all things Grumpy-Cat.  Apparently I’m spending WAYYYY too much time on her website

Maybe it’d be best to enliven my blog with a sweet story about my REAL, once-upon-a-time, happily-ever-after kitty – Ms. Freeta – whose hilarious antics are deserving of a blog all their own.

I used to babysit my cousin’s oldest son when she and her husband went away on their Amway-pa-looza weekends.  He and my son J were just a scant year older than the photo featured in this post and since Gabe was his usual whine-noceros (as in whine + rhinoceros = HUGE FUCKING WHINER!) self  it was all I could to soothe and silence his incessant sobbing-for-mommy. Continue reading

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