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LinkedIn LOVE!??

Dear LinkedIn Lotharios/Laureates/Casanovas  –

How proud you must be to have taken the immediate opportunity to sign up on LinkedIn to create such an enviable professional profile. You added your curriculum vitae, listed all your professional experience, connected with others in your network and are now probably getting emails chock full of employment openings in your field.

This being said, it seems you know full-well what purpose LinkedIn serves.  YET you decided to pursue this ill-conceived mission to use it as a DATING SITE. Continue reading

TBT: The “Pity” Christmas…

Scarier than coal in your stocking

Scarier than coal in your stocking

In my early days of employment at Current Job, I was taken protectively under the wing of Jar Jar Bitch.  Back then, I could still look her in the eye and NOT be the least bit tempted to put her in a choke-hold.  We all know by now how I was duped into falling for that “Mother Hen” bullshit and that if anyone ever repeatedly professes to be a mother-hen then they are most likely psychotic or full of shit, at the very least.

This particular year, my husband decided to go south for the Christmas holiday to be with his family. This is not something I normally enjoy so, although less than thrilled with his nonchalant decision to leave me behind, I chose to stay home with my son. Continue reading

A child shattered, Life beyond..

Just because you don't see the struggle, doesn't mean someone isn't drowning.. Pain of the mind is worse than pain of the body.

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The Winter Bites My Bones

The Collected Poems of Dennis McHale: 1981-2016