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The Comment Mafia

Recently I got a glorious shout-out from Lady Goo Goo GaGa regarding comments on her hilarious post, “Only as Skinny as Your Fattest Child“.  Her blog is always beyond funny and, even though I am neither a stay-at-home mom nor a housewife, I love it. So THERE. 🙂

It’s always so mystifying to me when folks who consciously sign up for and regularly read a **humor** blog on the perils of motherhood, or the perils of being an attractive woman, or why we should all poop glitter or any other subject for that matter, suddenly become all shocked-and-appalled when a blog author touches on a “delicate”, hot-button topic unreasonably vigilant when they erroneously perceive the innocent use of a common word as outright racism. Continue reading

A child shattered, Life beyond..

Just because you don't see the struggle, doesn't mean someone isn't drowning.. Pain of the mind is worse than pain of the body.

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The Winter Bites My Bones

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