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Where is “NEXT”!?

The Master-at-Work, ca. 2009, NYC

The Master-at-Work, ca. 2009, NYC

There is currently a small problem in need of some input from the peanut-gallery.  The back-story: I took 2 days off next week.  Thursday – ’cause it’s my *birthday*.  Friday for the liberty to not only enjoy a 4-day weekend away from the hell I work in, but so my husband won’t worry about my getting home in enough time to go with him to a wedding that he is deejaying.

Going to a stranger’s wedding for your birthday might sound lame, but they gave me the sympathy-invite because hubby is working – on my *B-day*.  Dancing, buffet, free wine or beer and getting to watch skanks I don’t know face-plant and crack their Louboutins for a bouquet? I am ALL in. Continue reading

A child shattered, Life beyond..

Just because you don't see the struggle, doesn't mean someone isn't drowning.. Pain of the mind is worse than pain of the body.

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The Winter Bites My Bones

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