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How do you even thank someone for this???

Ok, so this is kind of cheating with a new blog post but it’s happy news and a very sweet dedication. Thanks, Art 🙂

Pouring My Art Out

The third book in my action/adventure/humor science fiction series is almost ready to send to the printers. It would not be possible without the help of two very special blogger friends.

Thank you, Sirius Bizinus, from;

Thank you, Lorien Vidal, at;

These two people, whom I have never even met in real life, have spent months editing my words. I know a lot of words. I can tell a story. I am all art side of the brain. Unfortunately, it is the other side… the logic side… that remembers grammar rules and spelling. So I need a lot of help.

And what did these two people ask in return for these hours of labor? For a free, signed copy of the book. No, let me rephrase that. They asked for nothing. I had to insist that they get copies of the book.

My wife keeps telling me that the…

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Help The Chicks Out, Will Ya, Folks?

This is worthy of a look & maybe a small donation… Thanks, Hook!

You've Been Hooked!

There’s nothing like a selfless act to take your mind off your troubles, friends.

I’m putting my own self-doubts/troubles aside – hopefully, for good – to help out some kick-ass, independent, trailblazing chicks. Collectively, they are one-in-a-trillion. They are an inspiration, regardless of your gender. They are  The Indie Chicks and they need our help.

The Chicks are currently running a crowd funding campaign to keep their print magazine on the shelves in stores across the country. They have about $9,000 left to raise and only about 5 days to reach their goal. In the words of Chiara Mazzucco, The Chicks’ CEO/ Editor-in-Chief:

“My team and I have busted our asses to get this publication on the shelves and are stuck in a fund limbo and can’t pay for the Fall issue. Anything you could do to help would be amazing and I would owe you greatly.”

So there you…

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Help Wanted: poets please apply…(get your copy)

So, the free eBook promo might be OVER, but you can’t go wrong for the price! (Seriously – 99¢! Who doesn’t have 99¢?) Emily’s artwork is pretty amazing… (I plan to buy the paperback version soon.) This was a fun project to participate in with many talented poets. 🙂 Continue reading

Today, I’m a PUSHER…

I normally don’t push or promote things on my blog. UNLESS, of course, it’s something really great.  If you don’t have a good health-food store near your place of residence (like me), this is a fantastic shop to browse. Are you a fan of organic? Do you eat gluten-free? Does the term “non-GMO” really ring your bell?  Then is the place to go!

I shop here all the time and almost always am able to take advantage of their free shipping.  What makes them so great?

  • Their selection is fantastic – food, skincare, supplements, fitness, etc. and then some!
  • Their prices are really hard to beat
  • Their customer-service team is always a pleasure to work with whenever you need them
  • They offer an auto-ship option which saves you even more $ off your order.
  • Auto-ship has an editing option, which allows you to change the date or add/remove items from your auto-ship order. (I love this feature!)

If you click the link (above – 1st paragraph) to sign up, you get $10 off your first order. I dare you not to find something great here!  😉


Sorry about the previous post which you may have received by email – I was in the middle of editing and forgot to revise the publish-date. Maybe one day I’ll get a professional grasp on this blogging thing… Oy.  :/

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