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Banish – a pic-poem

Banish scrap


Walking Alone Between Icy Raindrops in Gardens of Stone at Dusk

Somehow right when the season changes from Summer to Fall, my mood makes me crave all things bleak, dreary and dark. Dark, Gothic music; edgy, noir-ish films; deeply tragic poetry; the literature of despair; and black or purple wannabe Uggs.  It’s all one big gloomy cloud that itches to be fed and wrapped up in my nephew’s favorite blanket which resides on my sofa. (Forget it, kiddo – that’s mine! 😛 ) Continue reading

And My Criminal Record Remains SPOTLESS!

The proof that I’ve kinda, sorta had it with this place is that I’m now entering subversive text into my Administrative Assistant Procedure Manual.   Continue reading

TBT: Taking Freeta For a Ride

My mother fooled me once… …ONCE! (Photo credit Dr. Allison Glassman)

 And, if you happen to reside in the Southeast/Brewster/Patterson NY area, consider Dr. Allison. She was always fantastic with Freeta the “Lion-Cat” (whose picture you might still see on the front-desk bulletin board) and treats all kinds of animals & birds.

Preview spot: SNARKNADO…

*Best read with Mr. Moviephone’s voice in your head to enhance dramatic tone. Roll tape!


NOT just another ANGRY ADMIN … BEYOND your everyday SARDONIC SECRETARY – her witticisms punctuated by the blood-red lips of a snark-slashed smile…

Seven-years jaded & increasingly resentful OF THE MUTATING MOUNTAINS OF PAPER ON HER DESK and the pitiful complaints of Professional Idiots,


Continue reading

Weird Thoughts, Petty BS and Other Ass-Hattery

Qmark blueI have a bunch of questions.  There are WTF thoughts plaguing the remaining rational area(s) of my brain and I. NEED ANSWERS, PEOPLE!  In my humble opinion there is just way too much stupidity and a seemingly endless number of mind-boggling mysteries on a daily basis for me to stand. Continue reading

TBT: The Fluff-Muffin

She love the husband JUuust a wee bit more...

She loved the husband JUuust a wee bit more…

So recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the brilliant novel-draft I’ve been sort of working on & saving for the past 5 years should be trashed. Continue reading

My Moody Blues

Dear Hank Moody,

You’re just not present anymore.  I mean, you’re technically there in each and every new episode of this final season but what in the name of all things Karen & Becca have they done with my brilliantly damaged literary wunderkind?  Where is my sexy, drunk, bad-boy hero?

Not since Esai Morales strutted his hot, gangster ass down Chicago’s South Side as Paco Moreno have I crushed on a bad-boy so hard. Continue reading

TBT: Missing My Dad

On Earth, you'd have been 68; in Heaven you're (unbelievably) 9

You’d have been 68 tomorrow. This past March 18, 2014 marked your (unbelievably) 9th year in heaven.

TBT: Collision on 86th Street

In honor of all the rain in the Northeast this week, here is a story from my days as a dispatcher at that black-car service in Brooklyn where wanna-be ghetto biatches reigned and all drinking was done ON-SHIFT while pressing the foot-pedal of our two-way radio. Continue reading

Texts and Drugs and Wok ‘n Rolling…

DANGER: Bong water ahead...

DANGER: Bong water ahead…



Sometimes things don’t translate well in a text conversation. There can often be typos, awkward auto-correct fails and just your basic, human misinterpretation.  If you add to this a stay-at-home dad who’s also kind of a hop-head, hilarity and predictably a little frustration will surely ensue… Continue reading

Dealing Strange After 2 A.M.

What happens in the vapor, STAYS in the vapor...

Because, FRIDAY!

Happy Birthday, Dave Gahan! – and who does NOT love them some-a THIS!?? 😉

Never Ask an Over-40 Stoner How College is Going

Yeah... ...because, THIS.

Yeah… …because, THIS.

Losing My Mind… To ASOTV Products

Happy Monday, followers! I will now occasionally be blogging over at Showcaine.com, which is a great new blog out of my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Check them out, check out their YouTube show and definitely read my post! (Excerpted below)

Because we're now too dumb for a Tamagotchi...

Because we’re now too dumb for a Tamagotchi…

Americans, we are not THAT stupid…

Do as nature intended, my friends, and make a conscious effort. Unlike some very popular government propaganda, this stuff you see on TV WILL actually kill your brain cells. LIFT a hand; RAISE it to toast a ban on the banishment of the American intellect. Just please don’t cave in to the convenience of plastic handles for those bottles…

via ASOTV Gadgets: Dumbing Down Americans 24/7.

A child shattered, Life beyond..

Just because you don't see the struggle, doesn't mean someone isn't drowning.. Pain of the mind is worse than pain of the body.

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The Winter Bites My Bones

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