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TBT: Freeta had a “Big Sister” for a while…

NOT.... ...A.... ...WORD!

NOT…. …A…. …WORD! … … …yet, that is.

Around 1986, Mom and I inherited this beautiful kitty from my cousin.  My Aunt D and Uncle B’s research led them to an Abyssinian breeder, since this variety of cat was supposedly the most like dogs you could possibly find in a cat… y’know; because most cats couldn’t give a flying fuck: Continue reading

TBT: Freeta the Bubble-Walker

In case you haven’t been following my antics on Twitter, you’ll notice my recent obsession with all things Grumpy-Cat.  Apparently I’m spending WAYYYY too much time on her website

Maybe it’d be best to enliven my blog with a sweet story about my REAL, once-upon-a-time, happily-ever-after kitty – Ms. Freeta – whose hilarious antics are deserving of a blog all their own.

I used to babysit my cousin’s oldest son when she and her husband went away on their Amway-pa-looza weekends.  He and my son J were just a scant year older than the photo featured in this post and since Gabe was his usual whine-noceros (as in whine + rhinoceros = HUGE FUCKING WHINER!) self  it was all I could to soothe and silence his incessant sobbing-for-mommy. Continue reading

TBT: Most Interesting…

Wait, what? RUN!!!

Wait, what? RUN!!!

TBT: Freeta and Those Hypnotic, Jade-Green EYES…

The many, many faces of Ms. Freeta.

The many, many faces of Ms. Freeta. Click to enlarge.

I really miss this face. How could I not? Not your average, everyday, skittish feline; she always sought out human company and was always ready for a photo-op.

Take the featured image – she insisted on joining me every morning for breakfast; not at my feet awaiting the crumbs to fall, but sitting at my side. Continue reading

TBT: Taking Freeta For a Ride

My mother fooled me once… …ONCE! (Photo credit Dr. Allison Glassman)

 And, if you happen to reside in the Southeast/Brewster/Patterson NY area, consider Dr. Allison. She was always fantastic with Freeta the “Lion-Cat” (whose picture you might still see on the front-desk bulletin board) and treats all kinds of animals & birds.

TBT: Saint or Sucker? – The Kirigami Project

Significantly blonder version of my angsty teen self.

Significantly blonder version of my angsty teen self.

A few of you have asked for more reminiscences about Dad.  I figured this would be a good time to take you wayyyyyyyy back to my high school years when my angst, impatience and general jadedness were just twinkles in my raccoon-linered eyes.

Alas, I jest.  😉

I was living with Dad and his second wife, A, at the time along with her two young daughters, S & R.  Since R and I were closer in age we bunked together while the youngest of us, S, had her own room. Continue reading

TBT: The Fluff-Muffin

She love the husband JUuust a wee bit more...

She loved the husband JUuust a wee bit more…

So recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the brilliant novel-draft I’ve been sort of working on & saving for the past 5 years should be trashed. Continue reading

TBT: Dad’s Note

These words swirled around in my head for years...

These words swirled around in my head for years…

I’d like to dedicate this to 2 great, fun bloggers – the Tattoo Tourist mainly because there is a distinct, respectable mission and a clear-cut method to her inked “madness” (and because she chose me as 1 of 6 preferred castaways on a desert island!).

This also goes out to RedDog, who has my admiration and respect for the shining posts he writes on his blog, Shed Reflections, and for his friendly, welcoming vibe. He’s cool, he’s tattooed, he’s fond of bikes, he leaves great feedback and the comments left here got me all smiley, sentimental and geared-up to write this post. Continue reading

TBT: Missing My Dad

On Earth, you'd have been 68; in Heaven you're (unbelievably) 9

You’d have been 68 tomorrow. This past March 18, 2014 marked your (unbelievably) 9th year in heaven.

TBT: Collision on 86th Street

In honor of all the rain in the Northeast this week, here is a story from my days as a dispatcher at that black-car service in Brooklyn where wanna-be ghetto biatches reigned and all drinking was done ON-SHIFT while pressing the foot-pedal of our two-way radio. Continue reading

TBT: The “Pity” Christmas…

Scarier than coal in your stocking

Scarier than coal in your stocking

In my early days of employment at Current Job, I was taken protectively under the wing of Jar Jar Bitch.  Back then, I could still look her in the eye and NOT be the least bit tempted to put her in a choke-hold.  We all know by now how I was duped into falling for that “Mother Hen” bullshit and that if anyone ever repeatedly professes to be a mother-hen then they are most likely psychotic or full of shit, at the very least.

This particular year, my husband decided to go south for the Christmas holiday to be with his family. This is not something I normally enjoy so, although less than thrilled with his nonchalant decision to leave me behind, I chose to stay home with my son. Continue reading

TBT: Driving Miss Mullet

Driving lessons+ Abuelito+chickie-mullet+flirty street rats=FUN IN PR!

Driving lessons+ Abuelito+chickie-mullet+flirty street rats=FUN IN PR!

*(photo credit: Luis Angel Vidal, my own disc camera)

For 2 or 3 summers in a row I was one lucky fly-girl.  I got to spend the vacation in Puerto Rico with my grandparents. Continue reading

TBT: Raised by Hippies…

Whoa! -Was I CONTACT HIGH?? Nahh... Couldn't be!

Wait a sec -Was I CONTACT HIGH?? Nahh… Couldn’t be!

Throwback Thursday – Dispatch Comix

This is probably where my office angst took off running.  Back in 1997 I was dispatching at a corporate black-car service based in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Back in those days, blogging & internet bullying were just twinkles in a Canadian programmer’s eye… Continue reading

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