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How are you all doing? Good. I’m not quite sure how I got myself stuck in this two-fer holiday nightmare but it’s giving me a case of the What-the-Fucks!…

For one – back in August at the end of my father-in-law’s 75th birthday celebration I gave myself a present and outright refused the favor of watching his pissy little shit… I mean, his sweet little shih tzu who is prone to excited fits of incontinence, over the Christmas weekend. I was all proud of my standing firm and tall in the Land of Nope – which is my sweet spot in times like this. Continue reading


Why Can’t We Fix All the Broken Ones?

I have a bone to pick. This might not sound like something new, but this one is so entirely different –

Why can’t broken children be fixed?  I mean, they are children – the most malleable, resilient beings I’ve ever encountered. Why, if they have parents & family that love and care for their well-being (and maybe a regular shrink appointment), can’t they all just bounce back, get well, learn a lesson and move beyond the darkness that is drugs; that is demons; that is Hell for Children? Continue reading

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