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Banish – a pic-poem

Banish scrap


F/Stop Brasil

Rev up the machine, brush it off
Scream-and-dream machine like no other
Emphatically & repeatedly calling for f’kn mother!

Plug it in.

Turn it on –

Rev. It. UP. Continue reading

TBT: Saint or Sucker? – The Kirigami Project

Significantly blonder version of my angsty teen self.

Significantly blonder version of my angsty teen self.

A few of you have asked for more reminiscences about Dad.  I figured this would be a good time to take you wayyyyyyyy back to my high school years when my angst, impatience and general jadedness were just twinkles in my raccoon-linered eyes.

Alas, I jest.  😉

I was living with Dad and his second wife, A, at the time along with her two young daughters, S & R.  Since R and I were closer in age we bunked together while the youngest of us, S, had her own room. Continue reading

Dealing Strange After 2 A.M.

What happens in the vapor, STAYS in the vapor...

Ear to Skull

It’s easier if I bend forward

So you can put your ear right up against my skull

Listen closely to my head – listen very closely

What does my brain sound like?

Can you hear every thought?

Do you think you know what goes on?

Can you feel that warmth of fever?

Or is it the glow radiating

Up and out from my heart?

Like the end of a cigarette lit

Is it too hot to the touch?

Does it burn you to know?

Feeling the pulse of true thoughts belowbrain

Are you listening to my head?

What does psyche sound like?

Does it echo beneath my skull?

Can you hear what’s in my head? – Listen very closely

Do the connections pop like firecrackers?

Can you sense the one that’s ours?

This is louder than burn

This is taller than hurt

Did our connection pop like a dynamo?

Did a hole in the exhaust pipe startle you?

Was there too much “real” inside my skull for you…

So, to prevent a second or third degree reality-burn

You dropped and let go

Though you held tight and listened

It seems you still



A child shattered, Life beyond..

Just because you don't see the struggle, doesn't mean someone isn't drowning.. Pain of the mind is worse than pain of the body.

Tony Single

artist. wastrel. a quantum of potential.

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